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Offices and commercial premises

Today, a quality work environment plays an increasingly important role in job selection. And no wonder we spend more than a third of our lives at work. At NO LIMITS DESIGN, we, therefore, try to create such interiors in which you will not only work well, but you will look forward to them.


It all starts with a quality work chair. You can choose from a wide range of ergonomic chairs, which will ensure your comfort at work. In our offer you will find everything from simple operating to luxury executive chairs. Work chairs from the Profim company, which has been engaged not only in their production but also in development for 30 years, meet the highest standards in terms of ergonomics, quality and design.


Our operative work and meeting tables are made of quality materials and offer a flexible spatial arrangement option. The table rows from the MDD manufacturer will make it possible to achieve an ideal spatial arrangement in open spaces and smaller offices.



Our first-class work and meeting tables from the Italian company Quadrifoglio will be the pride of every management office and give it a luxurious look and a unique design.


The reception area creates the first impression that your clients have from your company. Depending on your financial capabilities, we will create spaces for you that will represent your company and its values with dignity. We create original elements that are based on your branding and complement the original design of your entrance areas. With us, you can choose a reception desk from a wide range of design type products or we will make it exactly to measure.



Whether it is an informal zone where your employees will be able to relax and come up with new ideas, meeting rooms or entrance areas for clients, we will offer you a wide selection of quality designer chairs and armchairs that will give a touch to your interior. The CHIC LOUNGE design armchair will fascinate you at first sight. The VANCOUVER LITE armchair with an acoustic screen will give you enough privacy to handle your call. The VAN swivel chair will sit comfortably for long business meetings.


Partitions of the Italian manufacturer Quadrifolio allow you to functionally divide your workspace without the need for construction modifications. Glass partitions will give your space an elegant look and a feeling of airiness. In the menu you will find several types differing in the acoustic attenuation of glass plates. Quadrifolio also offers classic partitions with wood decor, which can also serve as a support module for various construction elements such as shelves and cabinets, or for televisions. The partition walls also have the function of partitions, which allow you to really use the storage space to the maximum.

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If for some reason it is not possible to solve the acoustics in the room with an acoustic ceiling, you can choose from a wide range of acoustic panels, which can be hung from the ceiling or attached to the wall.

In our offer you will also find table or free-standing screens.


Green walls will give your interior a completely unique look. They are ideal for rooms where live flowers would not work. You can choose from several types of mosses and artificial plants. We will make them to measure for you in the required size. The Italian ILA cutter also offers a wide range of artificial flowers of larger and smaller dimensions, up to a height of several meters, ideal for large entrance halls or shopping centers.