Offices you will look forward to

Offices and commertial space

A high-quality working environment plays an increasingly important role when choosing career these days. And that is no surprise as we spend more than a third of our lives at work. This is why we at NO LIMITS DESIGN try to create interiors in which you not only work well, but which you really do look forward to returning to.


It all starts with a high-quality work chair. We offer a wide range of ergonomic chairs which will ensure that you are comfortable at work. Our range includes everything from simple work chairs, all the way through to luxury executive chairs. Work chairs by Profim, a company which has been engaged not only in manufacturing of them, but also their development for 30 years now, meet the very highest of standards from the point of view of ergonomics, quality and design.


Our office desks and meeting tables are made from high-quality materials and offer flexible spatial layout options. High-quality office desks by the manufacturer MDD allow you to achieve the ideal spatial layout in open-plan and smaller offices.



Executive desks by the Italian manufacturer Quadrifoglio afford your office a luxurious appearance and unique design.


Whether this is an informal zone where your employees can relax and come up with new ideas, a meeting room or a foyer for clients, we offer a wide range of high-quality designer chairs and armchairs which will give your interior some flair. CHIC LOUNGE designer chairs will catch your eye at first glance. The VANCOUVER LITE armchair with an acoustic screen will provide you enough privacy to take your phone call. The VAN swivel chair will provide a comfortable place to sit during long business meetings.


Reception is what makes the very first impression on your company’s clients. We will create a space according to the financial options open to you which will represent your company and its values in a dignified manner. We will create original features based on your branding which will complement the original design of your foyer. You can choose your reception desk from our wide range of standard designer products or we can manufacture a bespoke desk just for you.


Partitions by the Italian manufacturer Quadrifoglio allow you to functionally divide your work space without the need for any structural modifications. Glass partitions afford your space an elegant look and feeling of airiness. The range includes several types with different levels of acoustic shielding offered by the glass panels. Quadrifoglio also offers conventional partitions with wood decor which can also be used as a load-bearing module for various structural features such as shelves, cupboards or a television. Cabinet walls also work as partitions, allowing you to truly utilise storage space to the full.


If for any reason it is not possible to resolve acoustics in a room with an acoustic suspended ceiling, you can choose from our wide range of acoustic panels which can be suspended from the ceiling or fixed to the wall. Our offer also includes table-mounted or free-standing screens.


Green walls afford your interior an absolutely unique appearance. They are ideal for rooms where live flowers would not thrive. You can choose from several types of moss and artificial plants. We create this for you bespoke to suit the required dimensions. The Italian manufacturer ILA also offers a wide range of artificial flowers big and small, even ones which are several metres tall, ideal for large foyers or shopping centres.